Overwhelmed? Get Grounded With Two Feet, One Breath



Recently I made a decision that changed my life:

I don't do overwhelm.

This became a mantra to me. 

And now, whenever I feel that familiar rising of pressure in my belly and heart, I silently repeat that mantra and it stops overwhelm in its tracks. 

Overwhelm is what happens when we lack clarity or presence, and this mantra returns my centre - where all of my power is. It reminds me that while I may not be able to control what's happening around me, I can choose how I respond.

I'm also something of an energy-magnet and often pick up on the emotions of other people which can be overwhelming. Perhaps you do too? But whether those feelings are our own, or just part of the collective soup, it's simple tools like this that can help us stay calm in the chaos. 

That's why, in this video, I'm sharing another 20-second practice that helps me plant myself into the earth, grow roots and get grounded - anytime I start to feel stressed or scattered.

All it takes is two feet and one breath to bring your energy back into balance. 



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Overwhelmed? Get Grounded With Two Feet, One Breath