Restorative Yoga for PMS and Your Period

restorative yoga


We all need rest and luckily, as women, we get an in-built biological reminder to claim that every month.

I know it isn’t always easy to slow down - especially in a world that moves at high-speed and values productivity. But taking this downtime during your period powerfully recharges you for the rest of your cycle and impacts your ability to cope with stress. 

One way to honour this prayer for rest is through restorative yoga and the practice I'm about to share with you will give you the extra love and nourishment you need and help you release tension when you’re on your cycle. 

If all you feel like doing is watching Sex and the City re-runs and eating chocolate, then look forward to some easy, supine postures, and a lot of bolster-snuggling! 

As soon as you feel the first signs, use this sequence to ease the effects of PMS, soothe uncomfortable sensations and nurture your energy when it’s at its lowest. 

 In this practice, we explore: 

  • How to honour this sacred time and connect back with (your) nature.
  • Restorative yoga poses for your period that will calm the nervous system and relieve the pressure of pain and cramps. 
  • Breathwork to reduce anxiety and balance the big emotions that come with your cycle. 
  • Why you shouldn’t invert when you’re in-flow.

And if you don’t have a cycle - for whatever reason - you can still enjoy this practice anytime to rest and replenish your precious energy. 

I hope this serves you. 



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