A Morning Breathing Practice To Start Your Day From A Calmer Place



Terri Guillemets said: “The wisest one-word sentence? Breathe”.

Take a moment here and close your eyes. Turn your awareness inwards. Notice the quality of your breath today. Where does it live in your body? Is it shallow or deep? How is it making you feel?

Our breath and state of being are completely intertwined. Often, when we feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, our breath is quicker and shallower. When we feel calm and at ease, the breath is longer and deeper.

So, the more we tap into the power of the breath and direct it, the more we can influence our energy and emotions.  

In this video, I’ll take you through a 5-minute morning breathing practice, using a technique called the Equal Breath (Sama Vritti). This will help you nourish your inner equilibrium and create a sense of calm, space and relaxation as you begin your day.  

And as a loving side-note... If depression is something you struggle with, and you don’t feel inspired to get up and go in the morning, this is a nice one to do to breathe your way back to a balanced emotional state.  



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